Letter to Parents from EYSC VP of Coaching and Player Development

Hello Everett Youth Soccer Community,

My name is Pablo Granados and I would like to introduce myself a bit more to the organization. I am also writing to let you know of a few ideas that we are working on to make Everett Youth Soccer an even more successful club. We hope to make your experience better and make sure your children are not only having a good time but also learning soccer and life skills.

A couple of years ago I was invited to a Saturday micro soccer match. I was very excited to see all the kids playing and having a good time. I met an amazing coordinator, Steve who then introduced me to Refugio, the Club President. After talking for awhile, we both realized that we have the same goal to provide quality soccer to the kids and help the community at the same time. Later, I was named Vice President of Coaching and Player Development. It has been about 18 months of work with a great group of board members and parents to push the organization to a higher quality level and we still have bigger plans for the Club! With time and the help of all of you, we will get there! Very soon, we will be able to share the exciting ideas.

It has been a lot of testing to see what would work better for the club. I am very thankful for all of you who shared feedback with us when we sent out the survey. Your input is the most important.

One of the major concerns from the survey was the coaching quality. In order to solve that, I am working on a program to train coaches so they can then use those skills with their team. Since we are all volunteers, I am asking a big favor from those parents who would like to be part of the organization. It would help, if you came out to our training nights. I will give you the tools and the information so each one of you can become a coach and feel comfortable running a quality practice.

The next issue to address concerned the quality of the fields and communication. We are working hard to find better fields. Also, as part of the coaching training I will be providing information on how to communicate with your coaches and parents. I am also available to answer your questions at any time.

The last point that was brought up, was lack of referees. Our organization offers a great incentive package for parents or teens who would like to not only help our children but also earn some extra cash, I will be happy to get you the information if you are interested. In addition, our referee coordinator is a superstar.

I know we can make EYSC a great club! We have the potential and we have the people. With your help, we can definitively get there.

Thank you,

Pablo Granados